Every year, MARS staff and volunteers respond to incidents of dead and distressed marine animals throughout the Maritime provinces. While we collaborate with a number of organizations, it is through the dedication and hard work of volunteers across the Maritime provinces that MARS has been, and will continue to be successful.

While incidents can be sporadic and unpredictable in nature, we often need volunteers to visit sites, to confirm a report of a dead or distressed marine animal and to collect data (i.e. photos, measurements and possibly samples). If MARS responders are on scene to direct rescue efforts, there may be additional opportunities to help.

MARS is committed to providing its volunteers with opportunities to safely engage in, and benefit from, participating in a number of different response activities. There are many aspects of the organization in which a volunteer can become involved:

  • Initial site visit
  • Data collection of dead animals
  • Necropsy of dead animals
  • Live animal response
  • Other opportunities to volunteer with MARS (e.g. community outreach)

The next step in confirming your interest in becoming a MARS volunteer is to fill out the volunteer form. Once you have completed the form, someone will be in touch with you about next steps in becoming a volunteer with MARS.

PLEASE NOTE: Becoming a MARS volunteer DOES NOT authorize any individuals to respond to live marine animals or collect samples and data from dead animals without prior authorization from a MARS response coordinator.

If you would like to become a MARS volunteer or have any questions, please email us at volunteer@marineanimals.ca.
Thank you very much for your interest in MARS!

* We do not currently have volunteer positions that are full or part time in nature.